Over 40 years of continued success

Over 40 years
of continued success

A benchmark family company in the real estate sector.

Over 40 years of continued success

Since 1982 we have been working to build Communities of Owners, Communities of Assets and Cooperatives, always with continued success.

In 2019, we will start managing third-party property developments for rental housing.

Professional experts

The METROPOLITAN HOUSE team is made up of professional experts with extensive experience in the sector.

In addition, we collaborate with an extensive and important team of architects, engineers, lawyers, economists, etc., making our company one of the most prestigious in the real estate market.

The best service

Our motto: to see our customers as our big family and to provide them with the best service.

With the optimal prices and qualities of our properties, we contribute to regulating the housing market in the areas where we operate.

A future project

Every year we increase the number of families benefiting from our services.

We are continuing our efforts to promote access to housing for young people through renting and freehold.

Origins: Born in BCN

We were born in 1982 in the Les Corts district of Barcelona and we are very proud of our origins.

Our team

Metropolitan House has a team of qualified professionals with extensive experience in the real estate sector to carry out the management of the developments.


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