Conclusions of the “Bellvitge 2030 Green” study: a rehabilitation project that would mean a social return of €4.61 for every euro invested.

CatalunyaPRESS 15/02/2023


Within the framework of the Dignified and Sustainable Housing Chair, promoted by the UPF Barcelona School of Management with the collaboration of the Metropolitan House Foundation, an event has been held at the Illustrious College of Architects of Catalonia to present conclusions of the study “The social value of Bellvitge 2030 Green”, which aims to measure the social return on the investment of this real estate urban rehabilitation project and the positive impact on the neighborhood.

The study, a pioneer in Spain in terms of measuring the social value creation of a building rehabilitation project, analyses the implications that this project would have in different areas, such as the health status of all residents, comfort, efficiency energy or accessibility, and also measures, in economic terms, which would be the social return of the investment for the different parties involved.



The rehabilitation of the neighbourhood would imply a social return four times greater than the investment

The study concludes that the rehabilitation project, promoted by the Metropolitan House Foundation, and the investment associated with it (152 million euros) would mean a social return of €4.61 for every euro invested: for public administrations (80% of total budget), the social return of the public funds invested in the project would be €5.76, while the social return of the contributions of the group of residents who own the houses (20% of the total budget) would reach up to €23.04 for every €20 per month paid.