CONSTRUMAT 2024: Metropolitan House participates in the debate on industrialization in construction


Miguel Ángel Angulo participates in the round table “10 years of industrialization in the construction sector” at the 23rd edition of Construmat, the Fira de Barcelona construction show.

From May 21st to 23th, CONSTRUMAT 2024 welcomed more than 21,000 attendees in its 23rd edition, whose main theme was industrialized construction as a key tool to promote a more sustainable and efficient construction activity. The event was attended by numerous professionals and companies in the sector, who participated in the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

In this framework, Miguel Ángel Angulo, Director of Innovation at Metropolitan House, participated in the round table “10 years of industrialization in the construction sector“, where the progress of the sector was discussed from the perspective of sustainability, digitalization, the optimization of resources and with the 2030 Agenda on the horizon.

Angulo highlighted Metropolitan House’s efforts to make the construction of quality, affordable and energy-sustainable homes a reality, and emphasized the various practices implemented in the company to evaluate and control the environmental impact of construction products. In this sense, he stressed the importance of Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), which allows knowing the environmental impact of a product from the extraction of raw materials, production and transportation, to its final disposal. This approach offers a complete view of the resources used and waste generated at each stage of a building’s life cycle.

He also commented on the relevance of evaluating and verifying compliance with energy management criteria from the initial project to the final execution of the work.

From the social sphere, and in reference to access to affordable housing, Angulo mentioned that the industrialization of the sector faces the challenge of a deficit of specialized labor, which affects cost reduction. However, he admitted that the current problem is not so much the high cost of construction, but the cost of land. For this reason, he maintained that the only possibility of reversing this situation is the VPO (Official Protection Housing), given that the cost of the land is protected.

In addition to Miguel Ángel Angulo, Toni Postius, commercial director of PMP, participated in the round table; Javier Burón, managing director of Navarra Land and Housing – NASUVINSA; Montse Pujol, CEO of PMP; and Susana Moya, deputy general director of Gloval.