Engagement and excellence

since 1982
since 1982

We are leaders in Cooperative management and rental housing.

Housing cooperatives

We are experts in managing property developments through housing cooperatives.
Our management is backed by a team of professionals with extensive experience.

Un equipo de profesionales con una dilatada trayectoria profesional avala nuestra gestión.

Rental housing

We work to promote access to housing for young people.
We will continue our efforts to promote access to housing through renting and freehold.

Nos seguiremos esforzando para favorecer el acceso a la vivienda mediante viviendas de alquiler y en derecho de superficie.

Social engagement

Through the Fundación Metropolitan House, we focus our commitment on building a better world every day.

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Sustainable Homes

We promote efficient and sustainable energy consumption systems in our commitment to the environment and society.

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