Construction of houses for renting

In order to respond to the increase in the demand for rental housing, especially in big cities, different models have been developed based on the construction of rental housing. 


The Multipartners-to-Rent is a model that fulfils the double mission of bringing rental housing for young people to the market and, at the same time, providing a supplement of income to professionals and small investors. In this way, there is created a network of “local” savers that can make their real estate investments, with our specialized advice, achieving a unique combination of financial profitability, stability and social commitment. 

Metropolitan House is in charge of the entire real estate management process, on the one hand improving the experience of the people who rent the houses and, on the other, allowing investors to enjoy their investment passively, without having to worry about operational management. 


The Build to Rent concept has experienced a growing trend in our country during the last years. Since 2019, at Metropolitan House we have carried out different “Build to Rent” projects. 

The Build to Rent is a future model that professionalizes the rental market, currently in the hands of private owners, facilitating access to quality housing in good condition, and with guaranteed maintenance. The houses, designed from the early beginning to be rented and managed by a single owner, have functional designs and quality finishes, and with community areas and complementary services for all tenants.