What is a Housing Cooperative?

A Housing Cooperative is a group of people who share the need to acquire a home and, for this, they associate to form a Cooperative, with the aim of promoting the construction of homes and adjudicating them to themselves, at cost price (the main characteristic of a Cooperative is the absence of benefit). Thus, the people who form a Cooperative are members of the cooperative society (cooperative members) and future owners of one of the houses under construction.

The Cooperative is one of the best alternatives for the acquisition of a home, offering important advantages: 

  • Acquisition of the home at cost price 
  • Instalment payment plan 
  • Security of investments. The amounts contributed for the construction of the house are guaranteed by a bank or by an insured company. 
  • At any time, the member of the Cooperative can recover the investment, as regulated in the statutes of the Cooperative itself. 

A cooperative needs a Cooperative Manager for project management and advice at all stages. The Manager will be involved throughout the process, advising and accompanying the Cooperative and bringing the project to a successful conclusion. It is important that the Manager of the Cooperative have extensive experience and knowledge of the sector. 

At Metropolitan House, as a manager of Cooperatives, we supervise and coordinate all the phases of the project, from the acquisition of the land, the development of the project, the financing of the promotions, the quality controls of the works and the commercialization, until the final delivery of the homes and the post-delivery service, supervising all technical, administrative and legal aspects. 

We have a team made up of professional experts with extensive experience, highly trained, which make our company one of the most prestigious in the real estate market. In addition, we collaborate with an extensive and important team of architects, engineers, lawyers, etc. 

We are backed by a long professional career in the sector and more than 1,500 homes managed in the last 20 years. 

The operation and organization of cooperatives in Catalonia is established by specific regional legislation:  Cooperatives Law (Law 12/2015, of July 9th).