Metropolitan House is committed to a unique technological platform to accelerate its Digital Transformation


Coinciding with the celebration of its 20th Anniversary, Metropolitan House has accelerated its digital transformation, emphasizing the optimization of all its processes. Metropolitan House, as a real estate developer-manager, covers the entire life cycle of the promotion: from the acquisition of a plot, the technical development of the architectural project, the economic study of the promotion, the search for financing, obtaining building permits and the contracting of construction companies, the monitoring of the construction process… until the commercialization and delivery of the houses.

For its ambitious digitization project, Metropolitan House is going to have Ibermática‘s IB Real Estate solution based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. With this tool, it unifies the data that is worked on from different areas of the company, homogenizing the information from all the group, and provides functional coverage for possible new lines of business, among many other advantages.

Metropolitan House has implemented the specific solution for real estate development companies of Ibermática IB365 Real Estate based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, and more specifically on the MD365 Business Central and MD365 Sales products, in several of its companies with promotional activity and cooperatives. The project consists of two execution phases, beginning with the implementation of the solution in the Financial-Accounting area, to later incorporate the rest of the functionalities.

From now, Metropolitan House can operate with an ultimate technological platform that allows it to accelerate the Digital Transformation of all its business processes, providing functional coverage to the promotion area and, looking to the future, to new lines of business in this area and in construction area. As Jaime Angulo, Financial Director of Metropolitan House, comments, “our professionals will have a better tool to increase service levels and be more competitive, with new automations that allow us to be more efficient and profitable.”

With all of this, continues Angulo, “we will benefit from a simplification of the processes, which will allow us to unify the data that is worked on from different areas of the company, and that until now we managed manually with numerous Excel“.

Metropolitan House will have a unique and complete technological platform fully updated. It will be able to standardize and consolidate the information of the entire Group, and will facilitate the extension of its business project, given the high degree of functional coverage of Ibermática solutions. In addition, the technology company contributes with its flexibility and adaptability in the work methodology since Metropolitan House is an innovative company in constant evolution and growth.



IB Real Estate

IB Real Estate allows a 360 Management of the real estate development life cycle, integrating CRM and ERP to simplify and automate the management of any company in the sector, thus covering all the real estate processes but also construction, commercials, marketing, economic-financial and management, etc.

This tool helps to attract and manage digital customers, foster relationships, automate marketing processes thanks to the power of its CRM solution and, with ERP functionality, it allows to improve efficiency in resource management and optimization of operational processes, which is translates into a greater ability to anticipate and better decision-making.

IB Real Estate includes a set of integrated applications to cover all business and management processes with a high capacity to adapt to the needs of companies in the real estate sector: automation of marketing, real estate asset management, control of development and construction projects, management of customers and suppliers, and document management based on Sharepoint.

The ERP is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the CRM on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise and the vertical that completes the entire IB Building 365 Real Estate platform and covers the following modules: General Accounting, Supplier and customer management, Budget management , Treasury and bank management, Fixed assets, Projects and Resources, Promotions and sales units, Potential clients, Accounts and contacts, Opportunities and purchase and/or rental preferences, Payment calculator, Quality report and Documentation.

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