Metropolitan House take a chance on the 4-day work week


Metropolitan House is committed to an innovative model, endorsed by experts, which combines the productivity of the company with a higher degree of staff satisfaction

It has been shown in other countries that employees are more productive when they have more time to rest and recuperate.

This fact has a direct impact on a reduction in the stress level of workers who, by having an extra day off each week, improve their physical and mental well-being.

The different experiences that have been carried out have also shown that work absenteeism reduces notably with the consequent increase in productivity.

Metropolitan House is aware that the implementation of this model must also reconcile the working process of the company with the times and activities of customers and suppliers. For this reason, a staff rotation has been implemented to maintain the daily activity of the company from Monday to Friday; Likewise, a continuous evaluation of the new schedule will be carried out in order to react to possible repercussions on productivity.