Building a better world.

Through the Metropolitan House Foundation, we invest in social projects,
environment, knowledge and health.

The spirit of solidarity has always been present at Metropolitan House since its origins. That is why, apart from our business activity, we have oriented this social sensitivity to carry out actions both to help groups of disadvantaged citizens, and to promote knowledge in the real estate sector and contribute to the well-being of people. For this reason, in 2020 we promoted the creation of the METROPOLITAN HOUSE FOUNDATION, whose actions endorse and enhance our DNA in the following areas: 

  • SOCIAL AREA: actions with the purpose of generating opportunities of access to a dignified life for vulnerable people, with specific needs or at risk of social exclusion. Also, actions for the improvement and protection of the environment. 
  • KNOWLEDGE AREA: actions with the objective of providing proposals on housing policies to improve the quality of life of citizens, preserve the environment and promote the efficiency and sustainability of the real estate sector. 

Today, all companies and professionals involved in our real estate developments, including our staff, collaborate with the METROPOLITAN HOUSE FOUNDATION, in different ways, so that the foundation’s solidarity purposes can be carried out. Our appreciation to all of them. 

Click on this link to learn more about METROPOLITAN HOUSE FOUNDATION.