Metropolitan House on the BLV Podcast (“Búscate la vida”) talking about Official Protection Housing, cooperatives and real estate investment


José Elías and Eric Ponce from #BLV interview Rafael Angulo and Miguel Ángel Angulo in a Postcast that has generated great interest.

On January 3, a podcast was published on BLV (“Búscate la vida”) in which José Elías and Eric Ponce interview Rafael Angulo, president of Metropolitan House, and Miguel Ángel Angulo.

We invite you to watch this Podcast which, in a very relaxed way, addresses issues around the current difficulties in accessing decent housing, especially for young people, and the solutions that Metropolitan House sees as a priority. Opportunities to invest in the real estate market are also analyzed, such as Multipartner-to-rent, a unique combination of high financial profitability, stability and social commitment.

The podcast is being a complete success, due to the interest generated and the views it has recorded so far, with 18,000 within 24 hours of its publication, or almost 31,000 views within 4 days of its publication.

You can see the entire Podcast at this link (in Spanish):

You can also see the different topics addressed, and go directly through the following links (in Spanish):