Metropolitan House participates in the meeting
“New Real Estate Projects Barcelona”


The meeting brought together leading experts and professionals to analyze and discuss important issues in the real estate sector

The “New Barcelona Real Estate Projects” meeting, organized by Grupo Vía and la Revista Vía Inmobiliaria on June 1, offered a space for analysing and debate about important issues related to the real estate sector. The event was attended by leading professionals and representatives of the sector who shared their vision and knowledge about real estate development in Barcelona and its surroundings.

The experts highlighted the outstanding position of Barcelona as an attractive city to invest in housing, according to the report carried out by PwC and Urban Land Institute, which assesses investment prospects for 2023 in 31 major European capitals, and places Barcelona among the top ten.

They also analysed how the real estate sector is adapting to compliance with the new European energy efficiency regulations, taking into account that limitations will be established for the sale of homes that do not comply with the Directive by the year 2030.

Another relevant topic that was discussed was the current housing needs and the projects/solutions that must emerge to cover the growing demand for rent, especially among young people.

Regarding subsidized housing, Miguel Ángel Angulo, from Metropolitan House, commented that not only are young people opting for them, but they are also in high demand by consolidated families. And he added that in land transformations, today, they are being approved with 30-40%, even 50%, of subsidized housing.

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